Comprehensive Veterinary Services by Animal Doctors

Your pet deserves only the best x-Rays!

At Animal Hospital of Grants Pass, our knowledgeable staff have been working hard over the last four decades to provide affordable veterinary services that you can trust. As pet owners and animal lovers we know how special your pet is, and we will always put their well being first. As a result, you can rest easy knowing your furry loved one is in good hands at our premier pet clinic. For the absolute best health services a pet could ask for, visit us at Animal Hospital of Grants Pass.

X-Ray of a pets shoulder
Chihuahua smiling

Dental Services!

Your pet’s teeth are important! Just like you need to go to the dentist to make sure your teeth are in tiptop shape, your pet needs constant care to make sure their teeth are healthy. Our staff are trained to handle all kinds of dental problems and are equipped to give your pet the perfect smile. Keep them safe and free of plaque. Visit us today at Animal Hospital of Grants Pass, you and your pet won’t regret it.

Our veterinary services include:

  • Vaccines
  • Wellness Visits
  • General Medicine & Surgery
  • Dental Care
  • Blood Tests
  • Microchips
  • Parasite Control and Prevention
  • Radiology (X-Rays)
  • Echocardiograms
  • Ultrasounds
  • Fracture Repairs
  • Pharmacy
  • Pain Management
  • Hospice and Euthanasia
  • Puppy, Kitten, and Senior Care
interior of the clinic
NexGard Plus Pack Shot Box. Features a dog on the cover of the box
NexGard Combo Pack Shot. Features a cat on the front of the box

For more information about our professional veterinary services, feel free to contact us or call us at 541-476-8546 today.

Animal Hospital of Grants Pass is dedicated to your satisfaction.

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