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Looking for the best pet clinic in Grants Pass, Oregon? Then bring your pet to Animal Hospital of Grants Pass! You can also contact us or call us at 541-476-8546 for more information about the veterinary services we offer. We look forward to seeing you!

1777 Williams Hwy
Grants Pass, OR 97527

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“Recently my dog Seymor had to have his teeth cleaned and they had to pull several as he was a Rescue dog and his teeth were neglected. The eye tooth was pulled and had to have stitches to close the hole in his palette so his food wouldn’t go into his sinuses. This is one of the hardest areas to heal and because DR Webster had dentistry training he was able to fix it after three surgeries it finally healed but he did not charge for two surgeries he just wanted to make sure it closed. I highly recommend this Vet and the Animal Hospital for they have a wonderful staff.”
Patsy D.

Animal Hospital of Grants Pass is dedicated to your satisfaction.

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